‘Not Yet’: CNN Panel Reacts When Jeffrey Lord Says ‘This Is Not the Kremlin’


During the middle of one of the numerous panel fights we witnessed tonight on CNN, someone provided a moment of levity while also offering up perhaps a bit of sage social commentary about the ramifications of the big news that had just gone down.

Hours after it was announced President Donald Trump had fired FBI Director James Comey, loyal Trump supporter and political commentator Jeffrey Lord was finally brought on to give his take on things. And, as typical of a Lord segment, he ended up getting into it with another panelist, this time political analyst David Gregory. (The former Meet the Press host had already been involved in a heated on-air confrontation with another conservative.)

When Gregory chastised Lord for being unable to hold two different points of view about the Comey firing at the same time, highlighting the fact that Comey was part of a major investigation involving Trump/Russia and that may be part of the reason why he was let go, Lord shot back that “this is not the Kremlin — this is not the Kremlin.”

“Not yet,” someone deadpanned off camera. Was it Van Jones or host Anderson Cooper? The debate will rage for years.

Unbelievably, no one reacted to that little quip, and they continued to go at it for a bit longer. Gregory concluded their battle by telling Lord that “you can be for the firing of Jim Comey and oppose a president for nakedly political reasons purging his government.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

UPDATE 6:55 AM ET 5/10/2017: This post has been updated as it is not entirely clear who said “not yet,” as it occurred off-camera.

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