CNN’s David Gregory Condemns Trump Administration: Response to the Bomb Threats is ‘Outrageous’


CNN contributor David Gregory went all in on the White House tepid response to what appears to be a coordinated threat of terror against numerous individuals in political opposition to President Donald Trump, and CNN.

As of now, it appears that Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, George Soros and CNN studios were each sent what has been reported to be a live explosive device.

Wolf Blitzer set up Gregory’s impassioned critique by asking what all the targets had in common, to which Gregory replied “these are all people who have been or are perceived to be critics of the president who have been the subject of his criticism very directly.”

He then reminded viewers that, in the recent past, President Trump had  “talked a couple of years now of imprisoning his former rival Hillary Clinton,” then reminded that, just last week, the Commander in Chief  praised the assault on a reporter by a congressman as saying ‘he’s his kind of guy.'”

He then turned his attention to the initial White House response to this apparent coordinated attack sent via Twitter by White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders at 11:25 am:

The timing of Sanders initial tweet is key, as it was published roughly 70 minutes after news broke that CNN was being evacuated. And that was a hard story to miss, as CNN hosts Jim Sciutto and Poppy Harlow were effectively evacuated from the building live on air.

The fact that Sanders’s initial reply did not include CNN led to Gregory’s righteous indignation, pointedly calling out the White House and President Trump.

“You had the presidential spokeswoman Sarah Sanders, in her first response to this, condemn the attacks against the political figures. But to say nothing about the fact that CNN was targeted? That is outrageous from an administration and from a president that specifically targets and attacks CNN, that is outrageous and is revealing of what their mindset is if that’s how they react.”

Sanders inevitably included of the attack CNN  at 12:09 with a follow-up tweet:

Giving Sanders the benefit of the doubt, her initial exclusion of CNN is just as likely an error of omission, not commission. She does hold a remarkably important job and one can easily see how something like this could be overlooked in the fog of an overworked White House Press office.

But even the most charitable explanation does not discount Gregory’s overall thesis. That Trump and others in his administration have consistently and dangerously painted CNN in irresponsible terms. And it’s time that the President Trump and the entire administration spoke out far more forcefully in condemning such an attack.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of CNN.

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