Gun Range Gives Cops Strange Reason for Losing Release Forms in Fatal Uzi Case

Late last month, a 9-year-old girl was being taught how to use an Uzi when she lost control and shot her instructor in the head. He died after going to the hospital. Local authorities have been investigating, and a report obtained by Talking Points Memo provides some detail into the case.

Investigators spoke with witnesses, gun range employees, and the girl’s family. And, of course, they attempted to look at the release forms that the family had to sign.

There’s just one problem: the gun range lost them.

And what happened? Well, here’s what two separate accountings in the investigative report said:

“I was told by the supervisor that the releases went into the wind (north) during this incident.”

“Sgt. Thien then instructed me to obtain copies of the release waivers signed by the family. I was informed by staff that the waivers were blown away by the wind after the incident had occurred.”

Yes, the gun range employees told police the papers were just lost to the wind.

[h/t TPM]
[image via screengrab]

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