Hannity Fires Back at CNN’s Stelter for Calling Out His ‘Dangerous’ Rigged Election Talk


Sean Hannity did not take very kindly to being called out by CNN’s Brian Stelter today, and he shot back on Twitter.

Stelter called Hannity out on today’s Reliable Sources for helping egg on Donald Trump‘s declarations that the election in November might be rigged. Hannity recently went so far as to make the issue into a question for fans:

Stelter said that kind of thing is “dangerous” and “unpatriotic” because it’s a clear attempt to “delegitimize our democratic process without proof.”

Hannity responded by tearing into Stelter and repeatedly invoking 59 Philadelphia districts where Mitt Romney got no votes in 2012 and places in Cleveland where that happened too:

(“Unreliable liberal sources.” Get it? Because the show is Reliable Sources? Get it? It’s funny because it’s changing the meaning of the title! Get it?!)

Now, as you’ll see in the video below, not only is Stelter aware of what Hannity’s talking about, but he played video of Hannity talking about it. So did Hannity not actually watch the video?

Stelter pointed this out too in his replies:

But more to the point, Stelter pointed out that in addition to there being voting districts in Pennsylvania in 2012 where there were zero votes for Romney, but there were voting districts in Utah where there were zero votes for President Obama.

Also, there is one other little thing: Hannity didn’t actually respond to the substance of Stelter’s criticism and instead threw arguments back at his opponent, like he has done two other times recently.

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