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HLN Unwittingly Airs Mean Parody Of Controversial Lane Bryant Ad

Yesterday, Lane Bryant, the clothing store chain that caters to plus-sized women, slammed ABC and Fox for refusing to air a commercial for their new lingerie line. Since the commercial had nothing in it that a thousand Victoria’s Secret ads before it didn’t, the company accused the networks of discriminating against larger women. It’s a fairly interesting story that speaks to the shallow nature of our society and Christi Paul and Brooke Anderson (two women who have never shopped at a Lane Bryant) tackled it earlier this afternoon on CNN. Unfortunately, whoever on the staff pulled the commercial from YouTube, accidentally pulled a parody version instead. And the parody had a fairly mean joke inside it that must have gotten past the eyes at CNN.

For those of you that missed it (we’re not sure how you could have) the difference between the original and the parody that CNN aired comes at the point where the woman looks down at her phone. In the original, she gets a calendar reminder telling her to “Meet Dan for lunch,” and she sets off in her Lane Bryant lingerie for what we can only assume is going to be clothing optional mean. In the parody though, her calendar reminder tells her, “THE MCRIB IS BACK!!!” referring to the fattening McDonalds sandwich.

With apologies to all the larger ladies out there, we have to admit that the parody is kind of funny. However, the fact that CNN aired it by accident during a serious news story is about 100 times funnier.

UPDATE: The hilarious video was made by the folks at Hard to Live who also noticed their accidental contribution to yesterday’s cable news. As funny as we thought it was, they must have really enjoyed the mistake.

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