Huffington Post’s New Arabic Site Under Fire for Anti-Gay, Anti-Atheist Post

Huffington Post ArabicThe Huffington Post has come under fire for blog posts on it’s new Arabic-language site that detractors claim are homophobic and anti-atheist.

BuzzFeed drew attention to one Huffington Post Arabi blog post last week that lambasted the Egyptian government for “allowing a press conference for gays in the heart of Cairo” and for allowing atheists to appear on television.

In another post, the author begs Muslims youth to “stop adopting such sick behaviors that come to destroy our traditions and the basics of human cultural identity.” That sick behavior? Taking a selfie.

It’s certainly a different tone for a website typically known for its liberal bent. One Huffington Post higher-up told BuzzFeed that the anti-selfie blog post in particular does not “reflect HuffPost’s global editorial viewpoint, nor the viewpoint of our HuffPost Arabi editors.”

Meanwhile, the anti-gay post has been replaced with the following message in English and Arabic: “This blog should not have been published as it contradicts the Huffington Post’s editorial positions and guidelines which are based on encouraging positive dialogue and mutual respect. It has therefore been taken down.”

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