Hunger Games Fans At Midnight Premiere Hilariously Trolled With Incorrect Trivia

Ah, movie premieres. Fans know that there’s nothing more exhilarating then surrounding yourself with fellow diehards and feeding off the communal excitement. And comedians know that there’s nothing more fun than messing with these fans. Like the immortal “Triumph at the Star Wars premiere” segment, the website Jest has gained comedic gold by sending comedian Justin Tyler to the midnight premiere of The Hunger Games to quiz the fans waiting in line with trivia questions for money. The only thing is all of his answers are purposefully wrong. Hoo boy, does that not go over well with these people.

The whole thing is hilarious. It’s like a live action version of that amazing Trollquotes meme from a while back. So, whether you’re a Hunger Games fan or not, sit back and enjoy. And remember, as Team Edward once said, “May the force be forever in your favor.”

I think I got that right.

Watch the video from Jest below:

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