Idaho State Senator Rails Against College Lobbyists: ‘Abortion is Murder’

Idaho state senator Dan Foreman had some words for a group of college students on the subject of abortion.

Seemingly unaware he was being filmed, Foreman said to the students: “Abortion is murder!”

The students, who were from the University of Idaho and were part of an organization called Generation Action, made a long trek to Boise to lobby for bills on birth control and sex education. They were not even planning to discuss abortion.

The students were scheduled to meet directly with state Sen. Foreman, but he cancelled on them the day before they arrived. The students contented themselves with leaving a note and a box of condoms in his office, but they ran into him in the hallway later.

“I stand against [abortion],” Foreman said, looking to admonish the group. “I am a Roman Catholic and a conservative Republican. I think what you guys do stinks.”

“That’s your choice,” one student said.

“You’re damn right it’s my choice, so stay out of my office,” Foreman said.

“You shouldn’t make it other people’s,” the same student is heard responding.

Perhaps not hearing him, Foreman whipped around and said: “The next time you walk into my office you’re going to be dealing with ISP [Idaho State Police].”

“I don’t think so,” the student said, to laughter from his peers.

Watch above, via Facebook.

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