In Honor of Boris Johnson’s Resignation, Watch Him Decimate a Child in a Touch Rugby Match


Boris Johnson resigned as U.K. Foreign Secretary on Monday so he can get mashed for the England-Croatia game over disagreements with leadership in his own party about the fate of Brexit.

Johnson was made foreign secretary under Theresa May‘s premiership after emerging as one of the leading faces of the Leave campaign calling on the U.K. to quit the European Union in 2016.

While his resignation has sent the U.K. into a political crisis (with whispers of a challenge to May’s leadership), we in the U.S. can watch the chaos from overseas. And what better way to do that than by reliving what Boris is best at: wrecking children and foreign representatives at charity sports events.

Watch above for the time Johnson, in 2010, plowed through a 10-year-old child at a touch rugby game in Japan.

It wasn’t the first time he was caught on camera flouting the rules of a sports match in a fit of enthusiasm. Back in 2006, when he was but a local Tory member of parliament, Boris participated in a charity match that pitted the U.K. against a team of German politicians and former professional players.

In one play during the match, the result of an overzealous charge, Boris went flying into German midfielder Maurizio Gaudino, impaling him in the crotch with his blonde mop.

Watch above.

(Photo via AFP/Getty Images)

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