Internet Expert Anil Dash: “Nobody Has A Million Twitter Followers”

Web guru Anil Dash has been trying to determine the weight of a Twitter follower ever since the 140-character service named him to its suggested users list. “On a typical day, I’ll have averaged 100 new followers every hour,” he explained. “It’s not that I’m great at writing tweets or because of any effort or merit on my part; It’s because I’m part of Twitter’s list of suggested users.” But today, he’s decided that these inflated numbers don’t matter at all, in a post entitled “Nobody Has A Million Twitter Followers.”

To hear Dash tell it, he has gained about 300,000 followers since being added to the list, none of whom have any substance, beyond the “organic” followers who choose to actually engage with the service:

Twitter accounts that have over half a million followers listed actually represent (at most) a few hundred thousand people who’ve chosen to become organic followers of someone, along with millions who are passively along for the ride. Some of them are inactive users, some are spammers, some just ignore the noise of the accounts that don’t interest them, like spam in an email inbox. But they can’t count as “followers” in any meaningful sense.

So that $10,000 Kim Kardashian scores for every tweet to her 2.7 million followers? A waste of money, says Dash. “I think the reality is obvious: Nobody has a million followers on Twitter.”

Read the rest of his provocative, yet ultimately uncontroversial post here.

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