It Appears Matt Lauer Has Deleted His Twitter Account

It is almost hard to believe, because the news cycle has been absolutely insane lately, but it was just yesterday morning when it was announced that longtime Today Show host Matt Lauer was fired by NBC over sexual misconduct accusations. Since then, there have been multiple reports examining Lauer’s behavior over the years, including allegations of sexual harassment and possible assault.

Earlier today, the Today Show read an apology from Lauer in which he said that much of what’s been reported is “untrue or mischaracterized” but that there’s enough truth to make him feel “embarassed and ashamed.” As you likely noticed, Lauer only released the statement and did not deliver the words himself. And it now appears he’s taken further steps to keep a low profile.

It was noticed this afternoon that Lauer’s official Twitter account has been wiped out.

Buzzfeed’s Brandon Wall stated that Lauer has deleted his other social media accounts as well.

Yep, it certainly looks like someone is looking to hide for a bit.

[image via screengrab]

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