Joe Biden: ‘I’m A Good Vice President’

This one goes in the “if you have to say it” file.

According to a pool report from the Good Earth Restaurant in Muscatine, Iowa, Vice President Joe Biden served himself up a little self-affirmation. “You saw how effective I am,” Biden told a group of Iowans. “You know what I mean? But I’m a good vice president.”

According to the report in The Hill, Biden took a veiled shot at Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan while eating a bowl of Wisconsin cheese soup. “I tell you what. I’d like you to know that you could let the congressman [know] I’m eating Wisconsin cheese soup,” said Biden.

Okay, it was an extremely veiled shot at Ryan.

New York Magazine reporter John Heilemann recently told MSNBC’s Chris Matthews that, while he is prepared to concede that Biden is “not Albert Einstein,” he is the “master” of “applied intelligence” on the campaign trail.

The pool reporter neglected to include the audiences reaction to Biden’s boastful humility on the stump, so it will forever remain unclear if this was one such example of “applied intelligence.”

h/t The Hill

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