Jon Stewart Lampoons Absurdly Oversimplified RNC Chair Debate

On Monday of this week, C-Span broadcast a debate for RNC Chair candidates that featured much maligned current chair Michael Steele alongside four other contenders collectively fielding absurdly simplistic questions from moderators Tucker Carlson and Grover Norquist. Its a ridiculous tradition that felt at times like its chief function was to provide fodder for The Daily Show. Ladies and Gentlemen, Jon Stewart!

There are a number of funny highlights, but perhaps my personal favorite is the sudden makeover of former Missouri state chairwoman Ann Wagner, “who clearly didn’t get the memo on how a Republican woman is supposed to look in 2010.” Through the magic of TV graphics and digital imagery Wagner look suddenly changes: she gets bangs, a leather jacket, something called “zipples” and a bedazzled flag pin, after witch Stewart exclaims, “you’ve been Grizzlied!”

Stewart also touched briefly on the prospective candidate’s stances on supporting what some see ass an anti-gay position on marriage from the National Organization for Marriage; to which all five answered affirmatively, with varying degrees of lip service to the “individuality” and “dignity” of gay people, the classic “No offense, but you’re not equal.” For a more thorough column on that particular issue, I encourage you to read Tommy Christopher‘s interesting and provocative piece on the topic.

Watch the segment from Comedy Central below:

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