Jonah Goldberg Gets in Major Twitter Fight With ‘Puppy Dog’ Hannity Over Trump, Hillary


hannity-goldbergAfter several weeks of bashing #NeverTrumpers, Fox’s Sean Hannity ended up in a Twitter fight with National Review’s Jonah Goldberg over who will be responsible for a potential GOP defeat.

Hannity has made his belief clear that if Donald Trump fails to win the 2016 election, it will have everything to do with traitors to conservatism, and very little to do with the fact that many people despise the mogul’s politics. Hannity has threatened to name names if this is the case in November, which prompted Goldberg to write a piece mocking him as a “puppy barking to protect its master from a parked car or a small child vowing to vanquish all of his enemies with his plastic sword.”

Hannity fired back during his Tuesday radio show, and it would seem they’re still going at it this Wednesday morning:

After that, Goldberg also made a point of bringing up the recent report stating that Hannity is advising the Trump campaign now – an evolution from playing the role as a major media advocate:

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