Joy Behar Encourages Voters to Oust Pro-AHCA Republicans in 2018: ‘They Can Run But They Can’t Hide’


By now, you know that House Republicans voted yesterday to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act. You know that the replacement is leading to widespread panic among millions who fear they will be left uninsured. Many believe they will die if the American Health Care Act becomes the new law of the land.

Joy Behar tried to marshal that fear into something more productive today on The View. After Whoopi Goldberg showed a series of MSNBC clips that seemingly prove that GOP lawmakers went into this vote without having even read the bill, Behar stressed to viewers that if they were upset, they need to vote.

“They can run, but they can’t hide,” she said of the Republicans who voted for the bill, “because when they’re running in 2018, we’re gonna get them.”

The crowd cheered and Sara Haines followed it all up by pointing out, “I don’t know who benefits from this.”

She observed that she hasn’t seen anyone celebrating the passing of the bill for any reason other than that it makes Donald Trump look like he’s accomplished something. In fact, she noted, “everyone’s pissed off now.”

Certainly, that’s a sentiment Behar and others like her are hoping will propel voters to the booth in 2018.

Watch above and stay to the end to see Jedediah Bila say, “Any Republican who supports this — who calls themselves a conservative — should be embarrassed.”

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