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GOP Congressman Compares Obamacare to Soviet Communism

Mike Pence’s Fury With House Health Bill Reportedly Brought Grown Men to Tears

Trump Calls Health Care Bill He Celebrated in the Rose Garden ‘Mean’

Poll: Only 21 Percent of American Voters Approve of American Health Care Act

‘Liar!’: GOP Rep. Tom MacArthur Savaged at Epic Five Hour Town Hall

Reporter Apparently Arrested For Asking Health Secretary About AHCA

‘SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!’: GOP Reps. Face Town Hall Fury Over Health Care Vote

Entire Outnumbered Panel Slams ‘Optics’ of Trump Rose Garden Celebration

Strong Words: Paul Ryan’s Press Secretary Is Getting Roasted on Twitter for AHCA Statements

Democratic Rep. Rips House GOP for Passing AHCA: ‘It’s an Assault on Working Americans’

GOP Rep. Compares Trump’s AHCA Rose Garden Celebration to Bush’s ‘Mission Accomplished’ Speech

Watch CNN Anchor Ask Same Health Care Question 10+ Times to Rep. Marsha Blackburn, Still No Answer

Joy Behar Encourages Voters to Oust Pro-AHCA Republicans in 2018: ‘They Can Run But They Can’t Hide’

GOP Senator: I Want Our Health Care Bill to ‘Pass the Jimmy Kimmel Test’

MSNBC Guest Says ‘Sh*tty’ on Air, Gets Scolded by Anchor Stephanie Ruhle

Website Will Mail Your Ashes to GOP Congressmen If AHCA Kills You

President Trump’s Health Care ‘Win’ Is as Shallow and Fraudulent as Everything Else About Him

GOP Rep Struggles to Explain Health Care Vote: ‘I Attempted to Read the Entire Bill’

MSNBC Guest Breaks Down In Tears Over AHCA: ‘This Isn’t the America I Love’

Charles Krauthammer: We’re Now ‘Less Than Seven Years’ Away From Single-Payer Health Care

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