Napolitano Says Trump Could Have FBI Kidnap Suspected Khashoggi Killers: ‘The President Has to Put This Fire Out’


Judge Andrew Napolitano believes the reported murder of Jamal Khashoggi is so disturbing that an unusual — though not unprecedented — measure on the part of President Donald Trump may be called for in order to get justice.

Appearing on Fox & Friends Thursday, Napolitano referenced former President Ronald Reagan using the FBI to legally kidnap an individual suspected of murdering an American overseas in a similar case. Napolitano believes Trump would be within bounds to do the same thing with anyone involved in Khashoggi’s murder.

“The murder of an American citizen, or a person lawfully resident in the United States, when the murder occurs in another country, it is a Federal crime here,” Napolitano said. “And in the Reagan administration when this happened, President Reagan dispatched agents — intelligence, as well as FBI — to kidnap an individual and bring him here. He said to the Judge, ‘Look, I was kidnapped.’ The judge said, ‘I don’t care how you got here. You’re here. Here’s an indictment. We’re gonna try the case. If you think these guys kidnapped you, sue them.’ It can happen.”

Whether or not Trump uses the FBI, Napolitano believes the situation is so serious that it demands some sort of action on his part.

“The president has to put this fire out,” Napolitano said. “The behavior is so morally repellant. So totally and universally — except perhaps in Saudi Arabia government — unacceptable that he has to do something.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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