Kimmel Mocks Trump’s Post AL Senate Election Tweets: ‘Does He Not Know How Stacked Decks Work?’


On Wednesday night, Jimmy Kimmel kicked off his show by addressing the shocking victory of Democrat Doug Jones in the Alabama Senate race.

“A Republican losing to a Democrat in Alabama is like a grizzly bear losing to a fish,” Kimmel said.

He said that it’s “kind of depressing” that in 2017, “barely not electing an alleged pedophile to the Senate is something to celebrate” but that we should “take what we can get.”

Kimmel then mocked Roy Moore for not conceding the election and for saying that “God will decide when it’s over.”

“Well guess what,” Kimmel told Moore, “God decided. It’s over.”

He then took on both of President Trump‘s post-election tweets.

Kimmel shared how “surprised” he was with Trump’s congratulatory tweet to Jones.

“He was gracious.  He was tasteful. He didn’t insult anybody- but to me, there’s no way he wrote one word in that tweet,” Kimmel reacted. “I would guess that while the president was dipping a chicken finger in ketchup, Ivanka grabbed his phone and tweeted that.”

Then he read Trump’s follow-up tweet, which he called “his old self.”

“He said that the deck was stacked against the Republican in Alabama- does Donald Trump know how a stacked deck works?” Kimmel asked. “Maybe this is why his casinos went bankrupt.”

Watch the clip above, via ABC.

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