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Are We Supposed to Take Jimmy Kimmel’s Pathetic ‘Apology’ Seriously?

Sean Hannity to Jimmy Kimmel: ‘I Will NEVER Stop’ Unless You Apologize to the First Lady

Kimmel to Hannity: The Idea That You’d Call Me a ‘Pervert’ When You Slobber Over Trump/Ailes is ‘Sad!’ (UPDATE)

Hannity Retaliates Against Kimmel: I Bet Disney is So Proud of ‘Harvey Weinstein Jr.’ (UPDATES)

Kimmel Fires Back at Hannity For ‘Despicable’ Jab: You ‘Defended Multiple-Alleged Pedophile Roy Moore’

Roseanne Barr Warns Kimmel: ‘You Want Pence For President? Then Zip That F**kin Lip!’

Kimmel Rips Trump’s Spelling Error-Filled Tweets: He Won’t Be Swayed By ‘Left-Wing Liberal Dictionaries’

Kimmel Attempts to Comfort Drunken Toys’R’Us Mascot Geoffrey the Giraffe Over Store Closings

Kimmel Gets George Takei to Hawk White House ‘Departed Staffer Commemorative Plates’

Kimmel Unveils Trump’s Campaign Ad For Mitt Romney: ‘He’ll Stand Up To Me’

Kimmel Blasts Trump In Tearful Monologue on Guns: ‘You’re Obviously Mentally Ill’

Kimmel Mocks Trump, GOPers With Valentine’s Day Cards: ‘I Wanna Have Your Children…Deported!’

Jimmy Kimmel Has His Audience Mimic North Korean Cheerleaders: ‘I Feel Like a Dictator!’

Kimmel: Instead of The Wall, Let’s Give Trump $5B So He Can ‘Shut Up and Go Back to Florida’

Kimmel On Women’s March: ‘Trump Got More Women To Exercise Than Michelle Obama Ever Did’

Watch CNN’s ‘Wolf Blitzer’ Accept Trump’s Fake News Award on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Kimmel Blasts Senators Cotton and Perdue Over Sh*tholegate: ‘They Brazenly Lied’

Jimmy Kimmel Thanks Putin After Trump Sh*thole Comment: ‘You Really Got Us Good’

Watch Kimmel’s ‘Mini-Documentary’ Commemorating Trump’s 2,000 Lies In Office

Kimmel Mocks Trump’s Cease and Desist Letter Over Wolff’s Book: ‘I’m Buying 20 Copies!’

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