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Remember Roy Moore’s Jewish Lawyer? Well, He Voted For His Longtime Friend Doug Jones

Ana Navarro Ruthlessly Mocks Roy Moore: ‘Sore Loser and Cry Baby’

Doug Jones Upon Certification of Alabama Election Victory: ‘I Will Be an Independent Voice’

Roy Moore Still Hasn’t Conceded, Now Calling Out Doug Jones’ Son For Being Gay

Doug Jones on Roy Moore Not Conceding Yet: ‘It’s Time to Move On’

Doug Jones Doesn’t Agree With Dem Senators Calling on Trump to Resign Over Allegations Against Him

Doug Jones Responds to Roy Moore’s Call For a Holy Recount: ‘It’s Time to Move On’

Kimmel Mocks Trump’s Post AL Senate Election Tweets: ‘Does He Not Know How Stacked Decks Work?’

Roy Moore STILL Won’t Concede AL Senate Race: ‘The Battle Rages On’

REPUBLICANS REJOICE: GOP Lawmakers Celebrate Democrat’s Alabama Victory Over Roy Moore

Roy Moore Accuser Feels ‘Fantastic’ About Jones Victory: ‘I’m Not Giving Up’

Steve Bannon is Now the Hillary Clinton of Trumpism

Roy Moore’s Brother: ‘Doug Jones Will Pay for What He’s Saying’

Thanks to Roy Moore, Donald Trump Has Gone From ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ to ‘Biggest Loser’

Trump Finds Low Road on Roy Moore Defeat: ‘I Was Right!’

Charles Barkley: Doug Jones Victory Needs to Be a ‘Wake-Up Call for Democrats’

Roy Moore Is Not Conceding Yet: We’ll ‘Wait on God and Let This Process Play Out’

‘Decency Wins’: Twitter Explodes With Joy After Doug Jones Defeats Roy Moore

High Road? Trump Tweets Congratulations to Doug Jones: ‘A Win Is a Win’

CNN’s Jake Tapper: Roy Moore’s Loss Is ‘A Huge Defeat for President Trump’

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