Kirsten Powers: Is Conway Expecting the Press to Go Easier on Trump Since He’s President?

Following Jake Tapper‘s big interview with Kellyanne Conway this afternoon, CNN political analyst Kirsten Powers picked up on one particular issue in Conway’s complaints about media coverage.

Tapper confronted Conway about the White House’s false claims about the media’s coverage of terrorist attacks, and at one point Conway expressed some frustration that the press isn’t showing enough respect for the office of the president in coverage of President Trump.

Powers said that Conway seems to be arguing that media coverage is supposed to change now that Trump is president and that the press has “let them down” by not doing so.

Tapper pointed out that yes, the press is more aggressive now, but it’s precisely because Trump is president and “the stakes are higher.”

“She seems to think we’re supposed to show deference or something. That’s the sense I’m getting,” Powers added, “and I’m not sure where she’s getting that idea, because that’s not something that I’ve ever heard before.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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