Known Ted Cruz Adversary (and Former Princeton Roomie) Craig Mazin Retells Heidi Cruz Reunion Encounter


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During the GOP presidential primaries, Craig Mazin made quite a name for himself on Twitter for his re-telling of college experiences with then presidential hopeful Ted Cruz.

It seems the well-established film writer and director spent part of his time at Princeton sharing a dorm room with Senator Cruz, with whom the two did not appear to quite get along. Over the past year or so, Mazin has been quite eager to share the many…unpleasantries he experienced in his year rooming with Ted, which the very capable writer shared in a signature entertaining and pithy manner.

So with a year or so of publicly dissing Cruz in his rear-view mirror, Mazin likely approached his 25-year reunion at Princeton this weekend with darting eyes trying to avoid a confrontation (or even just a conversation) with his former roomie. But he could not avoid Cruz’s wife, Heidi, with whom he shared an interesting conversation that he later shared on Twitter.

Below is a series of embedded tweets retelling Mazin’s account of chatting with Ms. Cruz. Do yourself a favor and give him a follow, but first read his story below:

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