Let The World Know Your Politics Via Moist Skin! Bliss Releasing ‘Mint Romney’ And ‘O-Bama’ Moisturizers

Hey, do you have a problem with dry, flakey skin? Do you also believe in a smaller, fiscal government and a return to traditional family values? Well, do I have a moisturizer for you! It’s called “Mint Romney” and it’s one of two new scented moisturizers that Bliss will be releasing in a couple weeks.

The company’s president, Mike Indursky, spoke to The New York Times about the two moisturizers. He explained that, in addition to “Mint Romney,” there would be “‘O’Bama,” an orange scented cream. Both would be handed out at their respective political conventions in the coming weeks which is good because, honestly, something needs to cover up the smell of all those latex balloons and flop sweat.

Still though, I’m curious what’s going to happen to, say, Republicans that like orange or Democrats that like mint? I can imagine a liberal woman sitting in her bathroom, staring at the two creams, having a horrible dilemma. “They’re engaging in a War on Women…but that mint smells so great!”

This isn’t the first time Bliss has tried something like this. From the New York Times:

“When President George W. Bush exited the White House, the company, in the spirit of Kenneth Cole, used the occasion to run an advertising campaign for its waxing services (‘Say farewell to Bush’).”

If there’s anything this bleeding heart will admit about the Bush era, the puns were much better back then.

(h/t New York Magazine)

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