Lil Jon Does Star-Studded PSA for ‘Rock the Vote’; Just Guess Which Song They Used

You knew this was coming. You absolutely knew this was coming. The moment that Lil Jon’s “Turn Down for What” became a popular song, there was a small voice in your head thinking, When is it going to become a song about voter advocacy? Well, here it is.

According to Rock The Vote, Lil Jon took “zero convincing” to come on board for the PSA, and he legitimately looks like he’s enjoying himself. Of course, there are obligatory gratuitous cameos from celebrities (Darren Criss, Lena Dunham, Fred Armisen, a bunch of Orange Is The New Black stars, and more), who talk about what it is, exactly, that they are turning out for.

But then Lil Jon comes in with a giant joint and says he’s turning out for the legalization of marijuana, and the PSA becomes slightly bearable again.

That little voice in your head must be so smug right now.

Watch below:

[h/t The Daily Beast]
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