Mayor Reportedly Beats Protester to ‘Bloody Pulp’ After Getting Pie In the Face at Charity Dinner

screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-12-53-36-pmFormer NBA star and Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson reportedly got in a huge fight with a protester who pied him in the middle of a Wednesday charity event.

According to the East Bay Express, Johnson was attending a farm-to-table charity dinner when Sean Thompson came up and threw a pie that nailed Johnson right in the face. Johnson then got into a fist-fight with Thompson, in which one witness said that Thompson was beaten down to a “bloody pulp” by the time it was over.

Police confirmed the incident soon afterwards, and Thompson was arrested for felony assault of a public official. Thompson’s mugshot has been released, showing him with at least two cuts along with a black eye.


Johnson was reported to have talked about the incident with the police before apologizing to his fellow attendees. He later tweeted out that he was doing well.

CBS 13 reports that MMA fighter Urijah Faber was at the event, and while he acknowledged the fight, he disagrees with the “bloody pulp” characterization of Johnson’s retaliation.

“He attacked the wrong person,” Faber said. “There’s probably only one or two other people at that event you wouldn’t want to attack besides KJ.”

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