Mediaite’s Top 5 Troll Posts of the Week


You could say I’m a glutton for punishment because I’ve got Round 2 of Mediaite’s Top 5 Trolls Posts of the Week locked and loaded below for y‘all. If you missed the first week, check it out here.

The response to this new column was yuuuuge, and I wanted to give a shout out to a couple of posts from last week’s reactions:
GirondistMerveilleuse “This article is the ultimate troll.”
Yup, you’re on to me Girondist.

MsMelissa “This should turn out just as well as allowing oxycontin to be prescribed to 11 year olds.”

Hey, I think that would make a great tag line for this column. Done.

And in that overmedicated spirit, let’s get right to it, or as OS likes to say: “Wadd up, loons!!!”


5) GOP Strategist Rick Wilson Asks Coulter if Trump Pays for Anal

Zoso: Wouldn’t be a GOP election without mentioning anal.

4) Sarah Palin Returning to Cable News at One America News Network

JohnDoe610Clearly you’ve never seen OANN. It’s for people who watch Fox News and think, “I like this, but I wish it wasn’t so intellectual.” The next step is just going to be a twenty-four hour loop of Ronald Reagan jiggling his keys at the camera.

3) Hillary Battles Fox’s Ed Henry, Shrugs Shoulders at Email Server Question

cheatotoole: Well this is a switch. Now we get to watch a Clinton go down.

2) Ann Coulter: I Despise Carly Fiorina with the ‘Hot, Hot Hate of 1,000 Suns’

Justin Time: Wow she dislikes Carly more than I do, I only dislike Carly by the hot hot hate of 437 Suns.

1) Ashley Madison Hack Reportedly Turns Up First Celebrity: Josh Duggar

CheesyGrits: Guys, give Josh Duggar a break. It was too expensive to search for a date

Honorable mention:

Fournier: Hillary Clinton Gave Her Worst Ever Press Conference

TheRealGipperGippsForTrump2016: Americans are waking up to the corruption of the evil democrat party. From slavery to abortion. Pure evil.

Angel Crusher: Pure Gipperish®

Don’t despair if you didn’t make the list, as Brett Wicks sees it from last week’s column: “If you didn’t make the Top 5, it’s not your trolling material…clearly it’s ‘Obama’”.

OK sure, Brett may have a sarcastic point here, but it does have me wondering if it’s time to retire the “Obama’s fault” ironic taunt, or is there still a few sardonic drops of juice left to squeeze out of that baby?

So I’m curious, in your opinion what “troll-isms” are beyond their expiry date? What comebacks should stay back? And which ones will never ever get old?

Let ‘er rip…

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