Michael Reagan Rips Trump on Twitter: Nancy Would’ve Voted for Hillary


reaganRonald Reagan‘s conservative son Michael Reagan has made it quite clear that he despises Donald Trump and wants nothing to do with him. Last night, the heir of the conservative paragon went on an anti-Trump Twitter tear, blasting the mogul and saying that his mother would’ve voted for his Democratic opponent before siding with him.

Reagan has expressed plenty of disgust with Trump in recent months, having said he considers it an insult to his family if anyone connects the mogul to his father. Last night, Reagan let loose on Trump by saying that not only is his candidacy doomed to fail, but he also ripped into the “garbage” insinuation he made that Hillary Clinton cheated on Bill Clinton.

“If this is where he is going I cannot follow him,” Reagan wrote. “I can hear my father saying ‘I didnt leave the Party the Party left me.'”

Afterwards, Reagan expressed that he’s “embarrassed” by Trump’s representation of the GOP, and argued that neither his father nor stepmother Nancy Reagan would give him their approval:

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