Mike Huckabee Mocks MSNBC DACA Coverage, Calls Ending Program ‘Incredibly Merciful’

Former Arkansas Governor and (also former) Fox News host Mike Huckabee stopped by the set of Fox & Friends this morning to applaud President Trump’s decision to phase out DACA.The Obama-era executive order gave the children of illegal immigrants protection from deportation.

Huckabee said the president’s move to scrap the program in six month was “incredibly merciful.” He then took a moment with the rest of the F&F cast to mock as MSNBC coverage of the issue.

“I’m a Republican but I don’t think you punish children for something their parents did,” said Huckabee striking — at first — a conciliatory tone. “We need to fix it,” he said noting how he supported a similar Dreamer law when he was governor of Arkansas. “It’s not about doing what’s popular, it’s about doing what’s right.”

But Huckabee said the law was the law and that fixing DACA was a matter for Congress. Going on from there, he said Trump’s six month ultimatum to Congress to craft a solution was an “incredibly merciful” may to go about winding down the program.

“The right thing is to do it through legislative action and that’s why the president did exactly what he should have done,” said Huckabee. “If anything, he’s incredibly merciful to say guys you’ve got six month, six months! You’ve already had eight months since the term started.”

The ground may have been getting a bit too contention and the hosts quickly steered Huckabee — and the Fox & Friends audience — to the soothing tones of hysterical MSNBC DACA coverage.

“They don’t point out that they had all the opportunities in the world and they weren’t so outraged about it at the time,” he said. “When we allow any branch of government, whether it’s the executive, the judicial or the legislative, to run amok then we have destroyed our basic way of government and we are living in anarchy at that point.”

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