NFL National Anthem Protester Michael Bennett Describes Recent Victimization of Police Brutality

Since Colin Kaepernick is currently without an NFL football team, Seattle Seahawks Defensive Lineman Michael Bennett has become something fo a leader and central focus for the movement of NFL players protesting police brutality by kneeling or sitting during the pre-game national anthem. Bennett has been a vocal leader, even telling the Seattle Times that the protest movement won’t advance until a white player joins in (which has since happened.)

Though many might disagree with Bennett’s position on this issue,  there is little question that his is a well-reasoned and thoughtful take on the protest that is rooted in real-life experience. As it turns out, it was a far more real -life experienced evidenced by a letter he posted on Twitter explaining how he was the victim of unfair treatment, if not outright brutality, at the hands of Las Vegas police after the Evander Holyfield and Colin McGregor fight last month.

Given that the NFL season is about to kick off tomorrow, and that there has been lots of debate about failing NFL ratings due to over-politicization due to these protests, this is sure to throw some a gas on a fire that NFL and sports television executives hoped was dying out. Tomorrow’s kick off game tomorrow between the Kansas City Chiefs and New England Patriots just got a bit more interesting, especially the behavior on the sidelines during the pre-game anthem

Bennett posted the note with a one word tweet that read “Equality” and you can read the letter embedded below.

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