Sen. Dick Durbin: Trump Impossible to Bargain With On Immigration, ‘People Around Him Are Very Hateful’

CNN Panel Devolves into Shouts Over Trump, Immigration and DACA: ‘There’s No Game Plan’

Jake Tapper’s CNN Panel Turns Into Shouting Match Over DACA Fix: Trump ‘Blew It Up!’

After Fox & Friends Slams ‘Caravans’ of Immigrants From Mexico, Trump Goes on Tweetstorm: ‘DACA is Dead’

Trump: ‘NO MORE DACA DEAL’ as GOP Needs to ‘Pass Tough Laws’ To Stop ‘Caravans’ From Crossing Border

Amid Nunberg Chaos, Trump Tweets Democrats ‘Nowhere to Be Found on DACA’

Tucker Carlson Repeatedly Insults Immigration Lawyer: ‘I Don’t Think You Should Become a Citizen’

White House Releases Statement on Immigration Reform Failure, Blames ‘Schumer Democrats’

Fox & Friends Grilling Leaves Ted Cruz Stuttering on Immigration Debate: ‘Those Polls Are Deceptive’

Nancy Pelosi Finishes Record-Long House Speech on DREAMers After More Than Eight Hours

John Kelly Doubles Down on ‘Lazy’ Comment About Some DREAMers: Should Have ‘Gotten Off the Couch’

Ana Navarro: Trump WH Keeps Demonizing Immigrants, Except for the Ones ‘That Married Donald Trump’

Sarah Sanders on Kelly’s Comments About ‘Lazy’ DREAMers: ‘If Anyone is Lazy It Is Probably Democrats’

John Kelly: Some Would Say DACA-Eligible Immigrants Who Didn’t Sign Up Were ‘Too Lazy to Get Off Their Asses’

Trump Reportedly Backing Path to Citizenship for 1.8 Million in New WH Immigration Plan

Ari Melber to Trump: ‘You Can’t Just Yell What You Want or Go Home’ on DACA

CNN Poll: Majority Says Avoiding Shutdown More Important Than Continuing DACA

Tucker Carlson: ‘How Many Big Tech Companies Were Started By People From Central and South America?’

Lindsey Graham Accuses Trump of Flip Flopping on Immigration: ‘We Need a Reliable Partner in the White House’

Durbin Responds to Trump’s ‘Dicky’ Putdown, Insists POTUS Said ‘Sh*thole’: ‘I Stand By Every. Word. I Said.’

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