Mike Huckabee

Mike Huckabee: When Trump ‘Talks about Journalists Being Enemy of the People, They Are’

Mike Huckabee: Unless ‘Smug, Arrogant People’ On Other Networks Look at FBI Corruption ‘We’ve Lost Our Country

Mike Huckabee: ‘Fair Criticism’ to Say Trump Shouldn’t Have Hired Omarosa in the First Place

Fox and Friends Dismisses Trump’s ‘Enemy of the People’ Media War: He’s Simply Pointing Out a Double Standard

Mike Huckabee Compares Trump-Cohen Tape to ‘Geraldo and Al Capone’s Vault’: ‘There’s Nothing In There!’

Mike Huckabee: Russia ‘Didn’t Impact the Election,’ and Besides, America Isn’t ‘Pure’ Anyway

Mike Huckabee on Whether Trump Will Press Putin on Election Meddling: ‘Words Don’t Really Matter That Much’

Huckabee: Scarborough Should’ve Been Fired for Comments About ‘Racist’ Trump Supporters

Mike Huckabee Mocked For Posting Pictures of Himself to ‘Salute’ Annapolis Shooting Victims

Mike Huckabee Mocks His 1-Year-Old Grandson to Own the Libs

Mike Huckabee Claims Protests of Trump Officials Show Left’s ‘Hatred of Women’

Mike Huckabee on His MS-13 Tweet: ‘It Was Satire,’ ‘Don’t Follow Me’ If You Don’t Have Sense of Humor

Mike Huckabee Says Owner of Red Hen Followed Sanders Family to Another Restaurant to Start a Protest

Scarborough Decries Mike Huckabee’s MS-13 Tweet as ‘So Racist’: Parallels to David Duke

CNN Panel Goes Off on Sarah Sanders Restaurant Flap: ‘Hard to Have Lectures on Civility’ From Trump Admin

Mike Huckabee Trashed for Dog-Whistling Dig at Pelosi: ‘Racist Piece of Sh*t’

Trump Suggests Negative Media Coverage of North Korea Summit is ‘Almost Treasonous’

Mike Huckabee Wonders if Nicolle Wallace Had a ‘Liberal Lobotomy’ in Bizarre, Media-Bashing Pirro Interview

Mike Huckabee on WHCD Jokes About Sarah Huckabee Sanders: ‘Vicious Vile Attack’

Mike Huckabee Praises Politico Story That Describes His Daughter as Someone Who Can ‘Deaden A Room’

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