National Park Service Latest to Pull Confederate Merchandise

confederate flagRetailers, manufacturers, and miscellaneous organizations have all been competing with each other to distance themselves from the renewed frenzy surrounding the Confederate Flag’s controversy.

Government agencies officially adopted the trend on Thursday, when NBC News reported that the U.S. National Park Service will also be removing confederate paraphernalia in wake of the massacre that left nine dead in Charleston.

Director Jonathan Jarvis said that while the park gift shops try to incorporate as many elements of American history as possible, the flag’s image will only remain in certain items where it cannot be detached for other uses. “All sales items in parks are evaluated based on educational value and their connection to the park. Any standalone depictions of Confederate flags have no place in park stores.”

Jarvis said that while it would be up to the park superintendents and store managers to decide exactly which sorts of depictions would be allowed, he suggested that books, DVDs and other such items would remain. He added that the discussion was prompted amongst park officials who addressed how close Fort Sunter National Monument was to the church where the killings occurred.

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