NBC’s Alexander: ‘Urban Blacks,’ Elderly ‘Losing Out’ With Trump’s Budget

NBC’s Peter Alexander hit the proposed Trump administration budget during an extended exchange with OMB Director Mick Mulvaney at Thursday’s White House press briefing.

Alexander first spotlighted that “from Housing and Urban Development, this budget blueprint calls for a 13 percent reduction — $6 billion. During the course of the campaign, President Trump said, specifically to urban black voters…’what do you have to lose?'”

The NBC correspondent’s slant emerged when he added, “It turns out, what they have to lose is at least $6 billion that goes to many programs that benefit those communities. What do you say to those Americans who feel that promise wasn’t kept?”

Mulvaney first underlined that “nobody is going to get kicked out of their houses,” and explained that the budget proposal’s intent was to “try to figure out a way to spend money better” at HUD.

Alexander stuck to this line of left-leaning critique, however, and lectured that “as you know well, Housing and Urban Development and the Community Development Block Grants aren’t exclusively about housing. They support a variety of different programs — including, in part, Meals on Wheels — that effects [sic] a lot of Americans.”

The journalist specifically cited that “in Austin, Texas today, one organization there that delivers those meals to thousands of elderly says that those citizens will no longer be able to — be provided those meals in those communities.” He wondered, “So what do you say to those Americans who are ultimately losing out — not on housing, but on other things that are taken out of this budget?”

Alexander later zeroed in on an after-school child care program in Pennsylvania that will also faces cuts under the Trump budget proposal.

Mulvaney replied by pointing out that in many cases, the programs funded by the aforementioned block grants haven’t been showing the promised results.

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