Campaign Reporters Criticized for ‘Going Shopping’ with Kamala Harris to Put ‘Out Glowing Tweets’

NBC Scores First 2020 Debate, Will Air on Back-to-Back Nights in Prime Time This June

WATCH: Hockey Player Suffers Heart Attack During Game, Saved By Doctor Who Happened to Be Playing

Seth Meyers Roasts Michael Cohen After WSJ Bribery Bombshell: ‘Are You Broke? Are You Broken?’

Megyn Kelly Finalizes Multi-Million Dollar Contract Settlement With NBC

Megyn Kelly Says She Will Return to TV This Year: ‘You’ll Definitely See Me’

Fox News Scores Massive 8 Million Viewers For Trump Speech, Beating All Cable and Broadcast Networks

Ex-Border Patrol Agent Suggests Trump Admin Lying About Only Six Suspected Terrorists Detained

NBC News Vet Quits With Scathing Exit Letter on Trump: I’m ‘Completely Out of Synch With the Network’

BREAKING: Kathie Lee Gifford Announces She’s Leaving the Today Show

Watch: SNL Hilariously Shows What Would Happen if Trump Were Black

Padma Lakshmi Opens Up About Her Past Sexual Assault on Today Show: ‘Don’t Want That Rape to Define Me’

Seth Meyers to CNN: If You Really Want to Go After Trump ‘Stop Inviting Liars on Your Network’

Seth Meyers Laces Into Trump For Appointing Whitaker: He’s a ‘Grifter Who Surrounds Himself With Other Grifters’

NBC’s Chuck Todd Admits The Media Always Gets ‘Ginned Up’ By Trump

Tom Brokaw: New Government With a Dem House and GOP Senate is ‘Gonna Look Ugly’

NBC Says It Will ‘Cease Airing’ Trump Ad After Massive Online Backlash

NBC Draws Fire For Running Trump’s Racist Caravan Ad During Sunday Night Football

On Meet the Press, Tom Brokaw Agrees with Hugh Hewitt: ‘Booming Out There’, ‘Economy is Humming’

Michael Moore Blasts Nancy Pelosi For Declaring Dems Will ‘Win’ Midterms: ‘That’s What Happened in 2016!’

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