New Report Claims NSA Spied on Phone Calls from the Vatican

No state appears to be safe from NSA surveillance, as a new report by the Italian magazine Panorama reveals that the National Security Agency monitored electronic communications inside the Vatican leading up to the papal conclave that elected Pope Francis, who may himself have been the target of surveillance before he was elected Pope.

On the heels of reports about NSA spying on world leaders, Panorama reports the U.S. had been monitoring calls within the Vatican for months.

Panorama magazine said that among 46 million phone calls followed by the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) in Italy from December 10, 2012, to January 8, 2013, were conversations in and out of the Vatican…

Panorama said the recorded Vatican phone calls were catalogued by the NSA in four categories – leadership intentions, threats to the financial system, foreign policy objectives and human rights.

The magazine also claimed that the “NSA had tapped the Pope.” A spokesman for the Vatican responded, “We are not aware of anything on this issue and in any case we have no concerns about it.”

[photo via Casa Rosada]

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