Newsroom Star Alison Pill Accidentally Tweets Topless Pic Of Herself

The Newsroom star Alison Pill has just provided material for newsrooms everywhere, as she accidentally tweeted a topless picture of herself out to her 14,000+ followers.

The snapshot, which she has since removed from her Twitter feed, features her wearing glasses and grinning while nude on a mattress. Some speculate the picture was intended for the eyes of fiancé Jay Baruchel, but either way, the actress was a good sport about the whole thing and tweeted an apology for the image:

It happens to the best of us, right? Her betrothed didn’t seem peeved about the blunder at all. He actually found it rather amusing, which isn’t surprising given their goofy dynamic. Baruchel retweeted Pill’s apology and added his two cents on the situation:

h/t Egotastic

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