Nicolle Wallace Battles Ex-Pence Spox: Tillerson Can Disagree With Trump, He’s a ‘Grown-Ass Man’

Moments after railing against President Donald Trump‘s administration for walking on eggshells to constantly praise and never criticize the man at the top, Nicolle Wallace grilled a recently-departed member of the administration on the topic.

On Wednesday’s Deadline: White House, Marc Lotter — who, until four days ago, was Press Secretary Vice President Mike Pence — battled with Wallace over NBC’s report about Secretary of State Rex Tillerson calling Trump a “f*cking moron.” Wallace questioned whether anyone in the administration is allowed to criticize the President.

“Do you think there’s any honorable dissent from the President?” Wallace said. “Do you think Rex Tillerson had the right as––you know, as Whoopi Goldberg would say––as a grown-ass man to disagree with how Donald Trump responded to Charlottesville?”

Lotter dismissed this critique as the media being more interested in optics rather than policy specifics.

“[The American people] are seeing…beyond just the tweet stories of the day, and all of the other distractions or style issues,” Lotter said. “Where many in the media seem to be focused more on the style.”

Later in the segment, Lotter tried to put a positive spin on the White House’s response to the recovery effort in Puerto Rico. And part of that spin meant trumpeting one statistic which does not seem worthy of any boasting.

“All eight airports are reopened,” Lotter said. “Sixty-four of 67 hospitals have reopened. Fifty percent of the population has clean drinking water again.”

According to CNN, Lotter left the administration to become “a top spokesman for the President and vice president’s political efforts.” This begs the question: was Lotter spouting an administration talking point during his Wednesday Deadline appearance? Is it the position of the White House that 50 percent of Puerto Rico still being without clean drinking water represents acceptable progress?

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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