NYPD Union Head Defends Funeral Back-Turning: ‘They Didn’t Break a Single Law’

Police officers turned their backs to New York Mayor Bill de Blasio at the services for the two slain NYPD officers, and de Blasio today condemned the actions as “disrespectful” to the mourning families.

On Joe Piscopo‘s radio show today, Sergeants Benevolent Association head Ed Mullins said he supports the protests because, firstly, he understands the resentment that exists towards de Blasio, and secondly, “the police have First Amendment rights.”

“They didn’t break a single law,” he said, “and they didn’t utter a single word and yet their actions made a statement that was recognized nationally and has never been done before, that I’m aware of, to any mayor in this nation.”

Mullins scolded de Blasio for putting his own views ahead of the views of New Yorkers and said the mayor needs to “be humble.”

Listen to the audio below, via Joe Piscopo in the AM:

[h/t NYDN]
[image via screengrab]

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