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NYT’s Charles Blow Blasts Fox & Friends: We’re ‘Being Governed by the Dimmest of Wits’

With President Trump regularly watching and occasionally live-tweeting Fox & Friends, New York Times columnist Charles Blow reflected on the show’s influence in his newest piece.

Blow writes that he used to go on the Fox News morning show––even though he felt like he was “swimming in a shallow intellectual pool”––but he decided to stop going on because…

I soon discovered that the show, and indeed the network, was beyond redemption.

I was simply being used to help give the show the appearance of fairness, impartiality and legitimacy, when it was anything but.

Appearing on Fox, I became part of the disinformation machine rather than hobbling it. So, I cut ties, stopped responding to their requests and stopped the appearances.

So naturally, Blow was surprised the “propaganda tool for conservatives” has become so influential, noting Mediaite named the hosts of Fox & Friends the most influential in news media in 2017 for its much-talked-about feedback loop with the President of the United States.

He brings up fact-checks on statements Fox & Friends hosts have made, along with swiping at its “kindergarten-level intellectual capacity,” before concluding:

This would all be silly trifle if in January the show didn’t mark its 195th month as the number one morning cable news program and if the president of the United States wasn’t taking cues from it.

In a way, America is being governed by the dimmest of wits on the most unscrupulous of networks. The very thought of it is horror-inducing.

You can read the full column here.

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