Oh No! YouTube Star Casey Neistat is Ending His Daily Vlog

casey-neistateditedAfter more than 18 months, filmmaker and well-known YouTube personality Casey Neistat announced today that he is ending his daily vlog.

Noting immediately that this wasn’t “clickbait,” Neistat said that he needs to end the vlog so he could move on creatively, because he has to focus 16 hours out of a 24-hour day to filming and uploading his videos.

The 35-year-old said he couldn’t imagine the success he had achieved with the vlog, but holding onto it would be like “holding on to that one vine in the jungle and not reaching for what’s next.”

Neistat began uploading daily vlogs in March 2015 and his YouTube channel now has well over 5 million subscribers. In September of this year, GQ named Neistat its ‘New Media Star.’

Here is his first daily vlog:

“Risk means jeopardizing what you’ve earned, what you have,” Neistat said in his last vlog. “And giving up this vlog is certainly a risk…a tremendous risk.”

This is perhaps his most famous video of him snowboarding with the NYPD:

And here is his final vlog:

Neistat worked with his brother on an HBO series, The Neistat Brothers, that premiered on HBO in 2010. The series was eight episodes long and focuses on the brothers’ lives.

He also helped develop the video messaging app Beme which allows users to make two-to-eight second long videos. The app was launched in July 2015.

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