One Mom Comes Up with Embarrassing Punishment for Daughter Caught Facebook Bullying

Kids are prone to doing stupid things online, and when their parents catch them, they get scolded or grounded or something. But when one Milwaukee mother caught her daughter bullying other people and chatting with boys under a fake Facebook profile, her punishment was rather severe: recording video of her scolding and shaming her daughter, then taking that video and posting it to her daughter’s Facebook page.

In the video, Lorraine Wells has her daughter repeat after her when she said she can’t be on Facebook or have a boyfriend. The viral video has earned Wells some praise, though plenty of people were wary at Wells saying in the video, “The next time that she’s on Facebook and I catch her on Facebook, I’m beating the hell out of her.”

Wells did clarify to a reporter that she’s “not out to hurt my daughter” and only wants the best for her.

You can watch KLTV‘s report on the video, as well as the video itself, below:

[h/t Christian Post]

[photo via screengrab]

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