Outnumbered Hits Trump For Insulting Omarosa in ‘Terrible’ Tweets: ‘Why Use That Kind of Language?’


On Outnumbered on Fox News Tuesday, Tweets from President Donald Trump referring to former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman as a “dog” and other insults were, for a moment, the object of criticism.

“My word,” said host Melissa Francis of the tweets. “What a terrible idea.”

Francis wondered at the President’s word choice. “Why use that kind of language?”

Co-host Lisa Boothe rushed the conversation away from Trump’s tweeted insults and toward their own takedown of the ex-Trump insider.

After several rounds of conversation on Omarosa’s lack of credibility, an argument from Jessica Tarlov that Trump voters won’t be swayed by any racism on his part, and a good deal of bashing of the media for even covering the “clickbait” story of literal audio recordings of the President of the United States and top officials like Chief of Staff John Kelly and Trump campaign Senior Adviser Katrina Pierson discussing inner-workings at the White House and issues of race, Francis returned to her point about the tweet.

“He would be way ahead at this point, if only he didn’t tweet and call her a dog,” she said again.

Fox News correspondent Lea Gabrielle replied that “he shouldn’t have called her a dog, but dogs will stop barking at you if you ignore them long enough.”

“He should not have called her that, though,” she added.

National Review’s Andrew McCarthy said the Omarosa tweets are part of a bigger picture.

“Melissa, your point about the tweets is bigger than this person, alright,” he said. ‘The President decided at a certain point to have a strategy with respect to Mueller of attack, rather than, his first set of lawyers need to be trying to work it out, like it is normally done in the case.”

McCarthy said that, speaking as a prosecutor, if he had been object of a campaign like the President’s against Mueller, that he would motivated to put out the “report to end all reports” in the end. “It would be exacting and it would– every single thing I could come up with to corroborate whatever bad stuff I put in the report.”

Boothe snarked that she hoped he would “just go based solely just on the facts.” McCarthy retorted that he never said it wouldn’t be based on the facts, “but I’d make sure they got all the facts.”

Again, the implication was that it was not only crass or gross for the President to tweet that Omarosa is a “dog” but that it’s bad strategy.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of Fox News.

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