Parkland Student Rips ‘Crisis Actor’ Smears: My Friends Are Dead, ‘We’re Not Acting, This Is Real’

Parkland student Diego Pfeiffer unleashed a passionate tirade last night against the conspiracy theorists who are spreading false allegations about him and his friends calling for gun control after the shooting at their high school.

Pfeiffer is among the students participating in the #NeverAgain movement and traveling through Florida to call for action on gun violence prevention. As he was traveling through the state last night, he went off in response to Donald Trump Jr., Dinesh D’Souza and everyone else spreading the idea the students are actually a bunch of crisis actors being used as pawns for emotional appeal by anti-gun leftists.

“The people that we left behind, the people that are no longer with us, they are not acting! They are dead! Now, my friends, I’m not going to be able to talk to them again, and to have the other people tell me that my mourning, my grief is not real, that I’m just acting it out, I would love to be that good of an actor! Trust me, I would, but I’m not, and this is real…We’re just talking it out. We’re making a change and it is the students. We’re not acting, this is real.”

Watch above.

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