Don Jr. Promotes Article From Conspiracy Site Suggesting ‘Trump-Hating School Shooting Survivor’ is FBI Plant

Donald Trump Jr. touted a post on a fringe, right-wing conspiracy website early Tuesday morning that slammed a high school student and survivor of the Florida school shooting — even suggesting the teen is an FBI plant.

The president’s adult son, who spends so much time on Twitter it is astounding he’s able to keep the Trump Organization afloat, liked a tweet from website early Tuesday morning, which linked to an article bearing the headline: “VIDEO: Outspoken Trump-Hating School Shooting Survivor is Son of FBI Agent; MSM Helps Prop Up Incompetent Bureau.”

The story bashes David Hogg, a student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, where a gunman opened fire last week, killing 17.

Hogg has been one of the most vocal students speaking out against President Donald Trump, lawmakers and the NRA for their inaction on gun control. In a recent appearance on CNN, he criticized Trump for blaming the shooting on the Russia investigation, and revealed his father was a retired FBI agent.

“My father is a retired FBI agent and the FBI are some of the hardest-working individuals I’ve ever seen in my life,” Hogg said on CNN.

Well, according to the article Don Jr. liked, Hogg might be an FBI plant:

“David Hogg is a school shooting survivor in Florida,” the article said. “At least that is what the mainstream media has told us. We wouldn’t be surprised by anything involving the FBI at this point.”

Don Jr. also liked this tweet suggesting that Hogg is “running cover for his dad who Works as an FBI agent at the Miami field office” (Hogg’s father is a retired FBI agent):

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