Patton Oswalt Portrays The First Internet Commenter To Ever Write ‘First’

We all know them; the commenters on Internet message boards who rush to write “First” at the bottom of every post or video, seemingly proud that they refresh their websites more often than other people. But who was the, uh, first “First.” That’s the question that Patton Oswalt answers in this hilarious video.

The sketch, produced to promote this year’s Webby Awards which Oswalt will be hosting, features the comedian as the host of a cheesy mystery show called In Search Of…. He also plays the show’s focus, a man named Donny “Diamond” Ruiz, who was the first to stake the “First” claim. Apparently, he did it on an FDA lunch order form and just couldn’t stop.

The whole thing is ridiculous and awesome. Particularly Donny’s “FIRST” brass knuckles. If the Webby’s don’t give versions of those out in gift bags or something, then the organizers are clearly crazy.

Watch the video from Funny or Die below:

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