Amy Schumer Ridiculously Shames Kid For Doing an Amy Schumer Joke


Standup comic, movie star, and sketch show tsunami Amy Schumer is making “news” over her online shaming of a 17 year-old fan who tweeted a photo with Schumer that contained a caption that she found offensive. It all started when Jackson Murphy, proprietor of the “Lights, Camera, Jackson” blog, was granted a selfie with Schumer at the Critics’ Choice Awards, and tweeted it with the following caption:


“Spent the night with @amyschumer. Certainly not the first guy to write that.”

Schumer responded with a tweet of her own, which quickly resulted in an apology, which she graciously accepted, end of story:

Wait, I’m confused now, is Amy upset that she didn’t get to bang Murphy’s dad, too, or that Dad didn’t tweet about it?

See, that was offensive, and also exactly the kind of joke I would have expected Schumer to make in this situation. Jackson Murphy is absolutely right, his tweet wasn’t funny, but it was obviously an attempt, by a fan, to play along with the joke that Schumer makes in every show she ever does. It’d be like making a selfie joke about Gallagher, and having him respond “Oh, I get it, because I’m the guy who does nothing but smash watermelons.” Yeah, motherf*cker, you are the guy who does nothing but smash watermelons.

Besides, if you believe Schumer’s fans (of which I am definitely one), the thing he’s joking about is nothing to be ashamed of. Context matters.

That doesn’t mean no one should be offended, I believe in everyone’s right to be offended, but for consistency’s sake, they should also be offended by Amy Schumer, whose chainsaw humor hits women at least as often as it does other targets. And Amy Schumer, who also has the right to be offended, ought to then remember this next time someone is offended by one of her jokes. She expects, and deserves latitude as a comic, so surely, as a fan and not-comic, Jackson Murphy deserves at least the same latitude, if not more. At least from Amy Schumer.

This is the flipside of a disturbing pattern in which standup comics whine about getting blowback for doing offensive or edgy material, like Ricky Gervais, who won’t stop going on about how awful offended people are. That’s the whole point of doing edgy material. I like Ricky, too, and every other comic who participates in this new pastime, but they really need to get grip. Lenny Bruce was arrested, had his life ruined, and wound up dead. You guys are dealing with mean tweets. Can you imagine George Carlin ever giving a rat’s ass what anyone on Twitter had to say about him?

Whether they’re offending or being offended, comedians need to stop whining about it, and start being funny about it.

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