Beyoncé Is Going to Perform at Tonight’s Country Music Association Awards Because Of Course She Is


Beyoncé fans are feeling pretty vindicated today because she’s apparently going to be performing at tonight’s Country Music Association Awards. The ceremony will air on ABC and her performance was confirmed by ABC’s Good Morning America. 

Rolling Stone is reporting that it isn’t known if she will be performing with anyone or what song she’ll be singing, but it seems fairly obvious to fans that she’ll be singing “Daddy Lessons” from her album Lemonade and will bring out the Dixie Chicks, who’ve been singing the song during stops on their DCX MMXVI tour.

Earlier this year, there was debate regarding “Daddy Lessons,” particularly over whether or not it could be considered true country music if Bey was singing it.

Looks like we have an answer to that, at least.

Of course, “Daddy Lessons” wasn’t even the most controversial song on the album. Maybe you’ve heard of a little ditty called “Formation,” which has been making headlines for various controversies since February.

Anyway, back to those vindicated fans.

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