comScore James Woods Stole Patton Oswalt’s Shoe During His Anti-Trump WGA Monologue

James Woods Stole Patton Oswalt’s Shoe During His Anti-Trump WGA Monologue

If you’ve been paying attention to celebrity Twitter, you might have noticed that actor James Woods loves President Trump about as much as comedian Patton Oswalt hates him. Nonetheless, the Writers Guild Awards were last night, and there was an unexpected moment of levity between the two when Woods literally snatched Oswalt’s shoe right off of his foot while the comedian was on-stage.

Oswalt hosted the Los Angeles award ceremony last night, and his opening monologue was interspersed with various jokes and quips about the Trump administration. Oswalt eventually threw Woods into the mix, saying he wanted to be “careful” with his Trump jokes because “I don’t want to be kicked to death by James Woods backstage. Which would be an honor by the way. That guy is amazing.”

Woods just so happened to be sitting in the front row, and he started climbing up on stage and grabbing at Oswalt’s foot.

“Buy a pair of shoes!” yelled Woods from the audience, and moments later he got up and confiscated one of Oswalt’s shoes.

“What are these f*cking shoes? This is an awards show!” Woods said as he jokingly scolded Oswalt for wearing sneakers. “By the way, I lost half of my Twitter following today coming here.”

“Wow, all those egg avatars gone? That’s terrible,” Oswalt quipped back.

After the show was over, Oswalt and Woods continued their banter on Twitter while saying that their exchange was not planned last night.

Watch above, via WGA West.

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