Paula Deen Book Sales Surge Following N-Word Controversy

Celebrity chef Paula Deen has lost sponsors and a Food Network career as a result of controversy over her past use of a racial epithet, but her cookbook empire has not suffered the same fate. In the wake of last week’s hubbub, Deen’s book sales and pre-sales have surged, sending her atop an best-seller list.

Pre-orders for Deen’s new cookbook Paula Deen’s New Testament — due out in October — climbed to the top of the “Best Sellers” list. In second place is her Southern Cooking Bible. Among the top 20 best-sellers, Deen also has The Deen Family Cookbook in 19th place.

Deen’s book empire now also has a serious presence among Amazon’s list of “Movers and Shakers,” which notes the top 20 highest percent increase in sales for particular books in the last 24 hours: The Deen Family Cookbook sales are up 989%; Paula Deen & Friends is up 645%; Southern Cooking Bible up 550%; The Lady & Sons Savannah Country Cookbook sales are up 347%; Kitchen Classics up 271%; Paula Deen Celebrates! up 247%; and Living It Up, Southern Style up 190%.

Deen’s family book sales have also benefited from the controversy, with son Bobby Deen‘s book From Mama’s Table to Mine experiencing a 533% surge in sales.

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