Piglets Rescued from Barn Fire Later Served as Sausage to Fire Fighters Who Saved Them?!

This story is so strange and bizarre that it’s hard to believe that it’s true. Let’s let the Guardian tell us:

A farmer whose piglets were saved from a barn fire has served the animals up as sausages to thank the firefighters who rescued them.

The baby pigs and two sows were freed by firefighters from Pewsey in Wiltshire when a barn went up in flames in February.

The farmer, Rachel Rivers, promised she would present the firefighters with organic sausages when the animals were slaughtered for their meat. Six months later she did just that and the firefighters cooked the bangers on a barbecue.

The story goes on to reveal that “both farmer and firefighters have faced criticism from some who have found the arrangement a little queasy.” Ms. Rivers explained “This was just a token gesture to the fire service,” adding that the firefighters “were over the moon with them.”

Truth be told: if pigs weren’t so delicious –especially in sausage form–we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Sometimes the victim deserves to be blamed.

(image via screen grab)

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